Terms and Conditions

The organizer of the game is the Escape Room Batumi, registered in Georgia No. 345552207. Address: Batumi, ul. Javachishvili 6 (Javachishvili)

§ 1 Provisions of the regulations

1. The Booking Person is obliged to read the puzzles with the content of the Regulations before making the reservation and to provide the information contained therein to the other persons with whom he will take part in the game (other participants of the game).

2. Making a reservation means accepting the regulations.

3. Each of the participants who accompanies the person who made the reservation accepts the obligation to read the content of these Regulations. Joining the game is a confirmation of acceptance of the regulations.

4. Each participant is obliged to follow the premises service instructions.

5. Every person who stays in a place and does not enjoy entertainment is obliged to obey the regulations and instructions of employees.

6. Each participant during the game is obliged to behave in a manner consistent with the Regulations and the applicable law.

7. Participants should arrive 15 minutes before the start of the game

8. An employee of an escape room Batumi can refuse to accept customers if their delay is more than 15 minutes in relation to the time of booking. If the delay is shorter than fifteen minutes, an employee of the Batumima Escape Room can shorten the time of the game in the escape room by the length of the delay time.

9. There is a total ban on smoking, consumption of alcohol and intoxicants in the premises.

10. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants and other substances affecting the consciousness and state of mind may not enter the Game.

11. Each participant takes part in the game on his own responsibility.

12 People suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy, shortness of breath, having problems with the heart or circulation, pregnant women or people undergoing mental treatment and suffering from other illnesses that could affect the participation in the game, should not use the services of the Escape Room Batumi and if they do, they do it on their own responsibility. The persons mentioned in the previous sentence, before the beginning of the Game are asked to contact the employee. Escape Room Batumi is not responsible for the deterioration of the health of the participant resulting from the participation in the game of people suffering from the abovementioned condition.

13. During the Games, it is absolutely forbidden to use mobile phones, cameras, cameras, calculators, flashlights and other electronic devices.

14 In the Escape Room Batumi, it is absolutely forbidden to take pictures and make videos. Any attempt to break the above prohibition will be treated as a violation of intellectual property Escape Room Batumi and will result in legal action.

15. All items listed in point 7, before the beginning of the Game, should be left in a specially designated place at the reception, and then, after the end of the game, pick them up again.

16. Escape Room Batumi is not liable for damage to property and person caused by the fault of participants, third parties or due to force majeure.

17. It is forbidden to bring and use any sharp or dangerous such as: weapons, knife, ammunition, machetes, cleavers, screwdrivers etc.

18. Smoking and the use of lighters and matches are not allowed in the rooms.

§ 2 Booking

1. Reservations can be made using the form on the website escaperoombatumi.ge or by phone at +995 568 627 527 or in person at Batumi, ul. Javakhishvili (Javachishvili) No. 6. Entrance to the side of the building.

2. When making the booking, please provide the following information:

a) number of participants

b) the name of the selected room

c) date and time of booking

d) contact telephone number

e) email address

3. After submitting the reservation, the participant will receive an email with the booking details via e-mail to the address provided during the booking.

4. The reservation can be canceled by e-mail, by phone or in person. Players are only entitled to a refund of the game if the booking is canceled at the latest 24 hours before the game. Otherwise, they are obliged to pay the full fee for the game.

5. The entrance fee is paid in advance. Fees can be made in cash at the Premises or by bank transfer.

6. Use of the Batumi Escape Room services is payable according to the price list on the website escaperoombatumi.ge The prices on the site are gross prices.

7. Purchase of the voucher takes place via the website escaperoombatumi.ge- voucher tab or in person at the Place.

8. The voucher is single-use and has a validity of six months. It is not possible to extend the validity of the voucher.

§ 3 Game

1. The game takes place in rooms (“rooms”) in the building (block, ground floor) at Javakhishvili street (Dzhachiszvili) nr6

2. The game can be played by 2 to 5 players.

3. During the game, participants have contact with the Game Master, who is ready for an incidental hint, and at the same time watches over your safety.

4. There must be at least one adult in the selected rooms among the participants of the game.

5. Children under the age of 15 on the premises should be under constant supervision of adults. The legal guardians of children are responsible for the behavior of children, including damage and / or injury.

6. The game consists in solving logical – arcade puzzles. The players’ task is to get out of the room at a given time. After this time the game is over and players are required to leave the room.

7. Participants will not receive a refund of cash in the event of an earlier interruption of the game on the request of any player or group.

8. The Escape room employee Batumi has the right to interrupt the Game ,:

a) if the behavior of the participants violates the principles of decency, good manners or social coexistence – despite one reprimand,

b) in the event of danger threatening the Participants,

c) when participants use mobile phones or cameras

d) in the event of non-observance by the Participant of the Regulations or the rules of the Game,

e) destruction or other unauthorized use of the Room or equipment of the Room,

f) non-compliance of the Participant with the instructions of the employee of the Escape Room Batumi,

g) suspicion of finding any Participant under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

h) vulgar and / or aggressive behavior of the Participant,

In case of interruption of the game from the above reason is not entitled to a refund.

9. Participants undertake to take care of objects and furniture that create the decor of the rooms.

10. The participants bear full financial and legal responsibility for any damage or destruction of the equipment and equipment of the Apartment.

11. Participation in the Game does not require the use of physical strength. Behavior related to the use of force such as kicking, jerking, striking or other aggressive behaviors leading to the destruction of props, scenography and other elements of the Room is forbidden.

12. In the event of a threat, persons staying in the premises of the Escape Room Batumi, should immediately contact the Game Master and go to the nearest emergency exit.

13. All Game Rooms are monitored (image and sound will not be available anywhere). Monitoring recordings can be used to protect the property and security of game participants.

14. Participant who in the premises will consciously opt for an audiovisual recording or photographing his or her person, consents to the unpaid use and distribution of the above-mentioned footage or photos by the Escape Room Batumi on social media. At the request of the participant, these materials can be removed.

15. Escape Room Batumi is not responsible for losses in property and health detriment during gameplay that do not comply with basic safety rules. entering furniture, digging props that are part of the room, inserting fingers / tools into electrical sockets, and other behaviors during which the participant exposes himself / herself to damage to health.

16. Participants of the game undertake to not hinder or disturb other people using the premises.

17. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly.

§ 4 Personal data

1. The personal data provided by the Participant is collected and processed by Escape Room Batumi in accordance with applicable law.

2. The person reserving the Room consents to the processing of personal data. Data is entered during the booking process. Expressing the aforementioned consent is the basis for the processing of personal data in accordance with applicable law. Personal data is processed in the process of providing the service and contact of the participant with the service.

3. Statements concerning personal data by the Participant may be revoked at any time, with future effect by sending information to the email address or in writing to the address of Batumi Room Escape.

4. Provisions regarding the rules of processing personal data and the use of cookies are included in the privacy policy.

5. Personal data provided during booking and payment will be used for purposes related to the booking and proper performance of the service. The participant agrees to the processing and use of his personal data in the above field. Personal data is not shared with third parties.

6. You have the right to inspect their personal data, to correct them, rectification, erasure, processing limitations, the right to data portability, the right to object, the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing, the Escape Room in Batumi by directing such a request personally or sending it to the e-mail address: escaperoombatumi@gmail.com

§ 5 Withdrawal from the reservation

1. The participant may withdraw from the reservation 48 hours before the planned date of the game. You must immediately notify Escape Room Batumi by phone, in person or by email without giving a reason.

2. In the case of an effective withdrawal from the Escape Room contract, Batumi is obliged to return to the Participant any payments received, if any.

3. Escape Room Batumi will refund the payments received from the Participant no later than within 14 days from the date of cancellation.

4. In the event of no appearance of the Game Participant within the prescribed period, Escape Room Batumi does not reimburse the Participant for costs incurred

§ 6 Complaint

1. Complaints regarding the services provided, the Participant may submit in electronic form to the address escaperoombatumi.gmail.com

2. A properly submitted complaint should contain at least the following data:

a) name and surname,

b) e-mail address,

c) the subject of the complaint,

d) circumstances justifying the complaint.

3. Responding to the complaint by the Escape Room Batumi will take place immediately, not later than within 14 calendar days from the date of its submission.

4. The decision regarding the complaint will be forwarded to the Participant at the e-mail address indicated by him.